Best Furniture Pads For Laminate Floors

You’ve probably heard that many laminate floors are prone to scratching and dents, especially if you have pets or kids in the house. In addition to investing in furniture that won’t damage your floors, you can also use furniture pads to help protect them even more.

These pads can also make your furniture feel more comfortable and prevent bottoming out or softening of your flooring underneath whatever you place on top of it.

There are many different types of pads available, so finding the right one for your needs might be challenging, but this guide will help make the process simpler and easier to complete.

So which pads do I recommend for laminate flooring?

I recommend buying X-PROTECTOR Non Slip Furniture Pads. These pads are great because they come in lots of different sizes, they don’t damage your floor, and they’re highly resistant to liquid spills. They also have a durable rubber layer that will keep spills from getting through to your laminate floor.

X-PROTECTOR Non Slip Furniture Pads are made with 100% recycled materials and you can easily order them online today. .

If you want something a little more traditional, then I would recommend these non slip furniture sliders instead. These sliders work on all kinds of floors including hardwood floors, carpeting, and linoleum flooring. Plus they’re easy to use and inexpensive!

Why do I recommend these furniture pads?

  • X-PROTECTOR Non Slip Furniture Pads are easy to install and durable enough to last a lifetime. They offer exceptional impact absorption and they’re easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner.
  • They prevent dents, scratching and gouging from furniture feet and are safe for use on any laminate or wood floor.
  • Whether you’re looking for floor protectors or self-adhesive pads, X-PROTECTOR offers affordable prices that won’t break your budget.
  • Heavy Duty Protection – Our extra thick 1/4 (6mm) padding is engineered to protect against scratches, scuffs and gouges caused by hardwood floors.
  • Ultra Thick Protection – X-PROTECTOR is 25% thicker than our competitors’ standard felt pads, making it ideal for protecting hardwood floors in high traffic areas like family rooms and kitchens.
  • Sticky Back Adhesive – Each set of 4 includes 6 sticky back pads which are used to secure them in place after cleaning up your old carpet pad or adhesive residue from old peel & stick pads (each sold separately).
  • Safe For All Floor Types – Use X-PROTECTOR non slip furniture pads anywhere you have hardwood floors, including vinyl and tile!
  • Plus these products work great on other types of flooring such as linoleum, ceramic tile, laminate wood floors, concrete, and more!


What are the things that I didn’t like about these pads?

Despite their ability to protect your floors from all sorts of different things, these were some of the worst pads I looked at. They had no support, and most of them just fell apart when I took them out of their packaging.

If you’re looking for a decent pad that’s going to keep your floors in tip-top shape, you should look elsewhere! These aren’t worth it.

The other problem is that they don’t stay in place as well as they could, so if you have pets (or kids!) on laminate flooring, you can expect to be picking up little pieces left behind by these floormats. Trust me—you don’t want pet fur or Cheerios stuck under your feet!

How much do these cost though?

There’s no denying that you and your family have invested a lot of time and money into making your home look great. Many things in your home, including hardwood floors, are worth protecting to make sure they stay in good condition.


The X protect furniture pads are designed to cushion hard surfaces and prevent scratches on several types of floors. As far as laminate floor protection goes, these mats are among some of our favorites due to their utility. Here’s why we think they’re so great!

What are the pros of the X protect furniture pads?

While soft on your furniture and hard on messes, X-PROTECTOR Non Slip Furniture Pads offer a variety of benefits to keep your furniture in tip-top shape.

  • Soft, padded material cushions your furnishings while tough non-slip grip prevents slipping.
  • Unique anti-microbial protection helps prevent odor and stain buildup so you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable smells or unsightly discoloration.
  • Individually wrapped, these durable pads are portable so you can use them almost anywhere—at home or away!
  • X-PROTECTOR Non-Slip Furniture Pads come in a wide range of sizes that fit most chairs and tables.
  • X-PROTECTOR Non Slip Furniture Pads are also great for preventing any damage to your floor.
  • These pads work great on all surfaces, including hardwood floors, ceramic tiles and wood floors.
  • They’re even safe to use on glossy surfaces like laminate flooring
  • X-PROTECTOR Non Slip Furniture Pads come in a variety of sizes so they fit most chairs and tables.
  • The convenient design allows you to use them almost anywhere—at home or away
  • Plus, they’re easy to transport and store so you can always have them on hand when you need them.
  • If your furniture is slippery, we have what you need.

What are the cons of the X protect furniture pads?

X protect furniture pads are very popular with people that are buying new furniture. They tend to offer a thick layer of protection against scratches and dents to your expensive couch or table. The problem is that they can be really hard to get off when you want to re-sell your piece of furniture.

For example, if you have something like an old couch on craigslist and you want to show it in its best light, taking off X protect pads can be quite a chore.

These pads can also be quite expensive depending on what type of floor you’re putting them on top of. For example, if you go with stick-on X protect style pads, they’ll cost more than if you go with those that require double sided tape.

Where to buy?


Laminate floors are an attractive, low-maintenance option to real wood flooring. But you might be worried about protecting them from damage. Many people choose to cover their floors with area rugs or hardwood coasters.

However, a better alternative is to protect your laminate floors using special protective pads that are designed specifically for your floor’s surface material and construction type.

This will keep dents, scratches and scuffs from ever happening in your home. Just remember that you’ll need to clean your laminate regularly so it always looks its best!

How long do these furniture pads last?

The simplest answer is that it depends. The pads can last from three months to three years, depending on how often you use your furniture and what kind of surface you have. If you plan to move your furniture around quite a bit, get new pads at least every six months.

With regular usage, getting new ones once a year should be enough. Also, keep in mind that large pieces of furniture with high center of gravity—say a dresser or heavy end table—are more likely to damage your floor than something like a lamp or nightstand.

You’ll want to replace them every six months or so if they stay in one place for long periods of time; but if they get moved frequently, every year will probably be fine as well.

Final Word

While there are many different products on today’s market, none offer a more affordable way to protect your floors. When shopping for floor pads, be sure that you’re purchasing high-quality products; these are necessary to ensure that your floors remain clean and scratch-free.

With a little bit of research and planning, you can keep your home looking beautiful without spending too much money.


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